Become a Development Agent

Development Agents are members of the Albanian Diaspora in Italy. The Development Agents will boost the investments in Albania by attracting Albanian Diaspora and Italian investments in Albania.

Connect Albania Mechanism will reward the development agents/connectors with a bonus of 1000 EUR per each employee in the case that they have contributed to the establishment of a successful business in Albania based on the relevant agreement between and Regulation of Connect Albania mechanism.

Everyone who meets the below criteria can be a Development Agent and be part of Connect Albania Mechanism.

Criteria and Benefits of Becoming a Development Agent:

Are at least 18 years old, having residence permit /registered in Italy for at least 5 (five) years, having completed at least secondary education in Italy, not been subject to any criminal convictions and/or of any security or prevention measures, civil decisions or  administrative measures, registered in the criminal record under the applicable  legislation
Women, young people, persons with disabilities, and other disadvantaged groups, are encouraged to apply to become a Development Agent
Establish contacts with Albanian Diaspora and/or Italian entrepreneurs who want to invest in Albania
Receive an authorization by a Company or Individual in Italy to apply in the online investment mechanism
Accompany and follow-up the investment from Italy to Albania
Are assisted in their role from the Unit established under the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber (ADBC)
Have access to detailed and dedicated sectorial and legislation information that will guide through the investment process.

Group one: 

Only the Albanian Diaspora members having the above requisites and having contacts with specific available Albanian Diaspora and/or Italian investors willing to invest in Albania, can apply to become Development Agent(s). These applicant(s) will get the Development Agent status once they are duly screened by Connect Albania Unit. The ones who will receive the status will be named “Development Agents”.

Group two: 

The Development Agents that will be rewarded with the bonus, based on the identified criteria, will be recognized as “Successful Development Agent(s)”. Each Successful Development Agent(s) will receive a Certificate of Recognition by the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber, they will be inserted in a public register and will be available to other Potential Investors willing to invest in Albania.

Group three: 

The Albanian Diaspora members who meet the above stated criteria and who do not have any specific contact with any Potential Investor(s) (i.e. other Albanian Diaspora members and/or Italian Investors) but who are willing to become Development Agent will be named as “Interested Development Agent(s)”. They can apply to be registered in a separate database that will be created to be available to the potential investors interested to invest in Albania. The relevant register will be published on the website and these “Interested Development Agents” will be available and will be utilized by any individual or company willing to invest in Albania.