“Development Agents” are members of the Albanian Diaspora in Italy. The “Development Agents” will boost the investments in Albania by attracting Albanian Diaspora and Italian investments in Albania to Albania.

Development Agents/Connectors:

  • Establish contacts with entrepreneurs who want to invest in Albania
  • Are authorized by a Company or Individual in Italy to apply in the online investment mechanism
  • Register as authorized development agent/connector in the online mechanism
  • Accompany and follow-up an investment from Italy to Albania.
  • Are Assisted in their role from the Unit established under the ADBC
  • Have access to the toolkit  developed by the Diaspora Programme, in cooperation with Albanian institutions involved in the investment process.

The Connect Albania mechanism will reward the development agents/connectors with a bonus in case they have contributed to the establishment of a successful business based on defined steps and criteria of Connect Albania Mechanism


If you are an entrepreneur who will want to invest in Albania, you will benefit from the standardized procedure prepared by the Diaspora Programme and from the visibility that the programme will give.

Connect Albania Unit under ADBC that serves as a front desk/office will support and interest. The Unit is facilitating and coordinating all steps and procedures of investment of the Albanian Diaspora, but not only. The “Development Agents” serve as intermediaries/bridges/connectors between the Unit and the potential investors/ businesses from Italy to Albania.