Interested Development Agent

Name and Last Name of the Development Agent Residence (Country)Certification and/or Title
Arbri MerkajItalyInterested Development Agent
Geri CakoniItalyInterested Development Agent
Denada ZotoItalyInterested Development Agent
Edvina PlakaItalyInterested Development Agentt
Rezart UjkajItalyInterested Development Agent
       Raimonda PopajItalyInterested Development Agent
       Semanta HotiItalyInterested Development Agent

Why do you need a Development Agent for investing in Albania


The Development Agent is designated to serve as the main support of the foreign investor who intends to invest in the Republic of Albania. Through the supportive services provided by the Development Agent, the potential investor is facilitated through the applicable administrative procedures required for conducting economic activity in Albania.

The Connect Albania Program Unit has successfully finalized the certification procedure of the first thee Interested Development Agents (IDAs), enabling in such way the launch of intermediation services between potential investors and IDAs.

Contact the Connect Albania Program Offiice through to get connected with one of the following Interested Development Agents and safely start your journey towards investing in Albania.