Good business practices for COVID-19

Create a ``working group`` within the enterprise and define their tasks and interactions well.

Communicate through this working group and clarify to each employee “when” to address “where” and “to whom”.

Appropriate proper hand washing, in toilets, or operators' sinks, to ensure proper hand washing and rinsing.

Be sure to avoid physical contact and enable work from home, creating “online access” for business efficiency and monitoring the working hours of employees from home.

Place disinfectants on different enterprises environment axes (corridors, toilets, collection offices, etc.).

Offer gloves to employees of your business, in cases of frequent and other interactions, with one use or such that can be washed with soap and water, ironed and re-distributed in suitable conditions, provided the gloves to be changed every day.

Consider to notifying your employees of the Security Protocol

  • You can use E-mail or other electronic communication platforms
  • or distribute the Security Protocol to all employees with full responsibility to confirm the receipt of information
  • or create training sessions on Security Protocol
  • or publish the Security Protocol in the enterprise environment, to remind employees of the importance of their actions.

Above all, make sure you communicate with your staff as often as possible and inform all staff or partners in a timely manner and at every step, so you will have as much understanding as the application of rules by employees and partners.

Create a Form

Create a form and distribute it with a frequency that you think is reasonable for your business, to be updated on employee’s health status, their symptoms, or potential contacts with infected people or from infected areas. Then follow the rules of the Green Protocol