Among the other objectives, the IOM Albania  Programme “Engage the Albanian Diaspora to the social and economic development of Albaniafacilitates the engagement of Albanian Diaspora who lives in Italy into the home country development as development agents to attract and boost the investment through ‘Connect Albania’.

Agents”, the members of Albanian Diaspora living in Italy. The “Development Agents” attract from Albanian Connect Albania is an innovative online investment-boosting mechanism, used for the first time in Albania. In this first pilot phase, it engages as “Development diaspora in Italy and Italians, investments in Albania.

A Connect Albania Unit is established under the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber to support the mechanism and the ‘Development Agents”, and through them, the investors.

This Support Unit serves as the front desk/office of diaspora and Italian investments interest. The Unit is facilitating and coordinating all steps and procedures of investment of the Albanian Diaspora, but not only. The “Development Agents” serve as intermediaries/bridges/connectors between the Unit and the potential investors/ businesses from Italy to Albania.


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